Selkies are in a tribe in all of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Series. Their specialty is agility and their traits are quicker focus attacks and longer range.


The Selkies that appear in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series

These rugged individualists clothe themselves in fur decorated with stolen goods. Unlike other tribes, they believe in putting themselves first. Many Selkies are agile and athletic, traits they put to good use as thieves. Though the other tribes tend to scorn them, some Selkies now reside in Clavatian villages.

Selkie Male

  • Wolfie
  • Shark Eyes
  • Bandanna
  • Raccoon Tail
    Ffcc selkietribesymbol

    Selkie Symbol

Selkie Female

  • Wolfie
  • Raccoon Tail
  • Shark Eyes
  • Owl Head


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