Sometimes, a simple sword attack just won't do. Times like those you'll need a more powerful attack that can sometimes reach far distances. That's where Focus Attacks come into play; every race and character has several unique Focus Attacks specific to their race and weapon equipped. There are four types of Focus Attacks with different properties: Move-Type: If an enemy hits the player while charging, the attack is disrupted. If the player comes in contact with an enemy before reaching their targeting ring, they'll strike that enemy instead.

Charge-Type: The attack can't be interrupted nor will touching a enemy on the way to the target ring stop it. The radius effect of the attack can force back the target.

Leaping-Type: The attack can't be interrupted; but if encountering an enemy on the way to the targeting ring, the player might strike that enemy instead.

Unstoppable-Type: The attack cannot be interrupted while charging. If encountering an enemy on the way to the targeting ring, the player will strike both that enemy and their targeted enemy.

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