Blacksmith is a family trade that the player can give the character they play. The blacksmith is one of the most valuable parents in the game. The player can always come back home to Tipa and bring materials and scrolls to forge weapons and armors that the player cannot forge anywhere else in the game. As the palyer's father's production level rises, he'll be able to make more and more items. Thankfully, other characters can benefit from his production level. 

Craftable Items
Initial Novice's Weapon, Warrior's Weapon, Bronze Armor, Iron Armor, Iron Shield, Bronze Gloves, Iron Gloves, Bronze Belt, Iron Belt
Level 1 Master's Weapon, Mythril Shield, Mythril Gloves, Mythril Sallet, Mythril Belt
Level 2 Legendary Weapon, Diamond Armor, Diamond Gloves, Diamond Sallet, Diamond Belt
Level 3 Greatest Weapon

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